Default password for H2O router

Here you find how to configure and reset H2O Router.

Most H2O routers have a default login information (combinations of IP address, username and password) to access the user interface. you can see in the section below the default settings of all available router models from H2O

the login information may change for each model you would find login data in detail for H2O in the section below.

# Login data for H2O

Accessing the user interface is important once you need to change the router settings.For the H2O , you have to do the following steps for access:

IP address:
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Note: If you are using the default settings you should change them to increase security and prevent unathorized access to your network.

# H2O available router models

Model Ip Username Password
H2O Medialibrary admin admin

# Which specific H2O model I have?

For H2O router, you will find in most cases the name of the model on a sticker that in the back or the bottom to the device.

# How do I know the model name?

The names of router models by H2O start with H2O on some model. Subsequently, a combination of letters and digits follows.

# My H2O model is not listed above

If your H2O model is not listed above, please contact us here. we will try to add it shortly.

#Where do I find the model name of my router?

The model name of H2O routers is usually written on a sticker on the device. In most cases, you can find this sticker on the back or bottom of the case

If you own a H2O model that is not listed above, please contact us here. We will try to add the missing information as soon as possible.